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About Us

KeyScan is a privately-held corporation based in FL, USA, specializing in the development of innovative personal interactive, productivity and communication hardware and software tools for organizations of all sizes.

KeyScan recently introduced the optimal Back-up Storage Server Solution, a single small box, integrating NAS storage network and application servers. KS-NAS series are integrated high performance backup and network-storage servers. Most similar products on the market are built with minimum configuration to carry out storage tasks. They have low performance proprietary motherboard, low performance CPU with minimum memory and no expansion slots. KS-NAS is built on Single/Dual/Quad core CPU with advanced folders synchronization software, backup settings and Task-scheduler software and backup and storage management software

KeyScan is the original exclusive inventor, developer and manufacturer of the integrated keyboard-scanner product and of its distinctive software including the “NoTouch™-AutoScan” software. With KeyScan’s KS810-P Imaging Keyboard & its advanced software technology the user can achieve the most frequent scanning tasks without touching any button, either physical button on the scanner or virtual one on the software user interface.

KeyScan products are protected under US patents #5477238, #5623285 and European patents. Worldwide patents pending.

Company Vision and Mission

Since our formation our corporate philosophy has been one of engineering innovation, operational excellence and reliability. We pride ourselves on offering high level of customer support. We have a long term plan to continually improve and expand our current product offerings, regularily offering updates and new versions.

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