October 2015 "I had my own clinic in the UK until 5 years ago and was lucky enough to have two of your keyboard scanners as part of my reception IT infrastructure. They were simply the best, most useful and most practical piece of IT kit I ever purchased. They simplified our document capture so much.". T.H. Manchester, United Kingdom. 

April 2014 "KeyScan has put together again a unique network attached storage (NAS) device that works smoothly with the My OwnCloud. It was very easy to set up for both local and remote access. KS-NAS offers: ability to restrict access by user, by folders/files, easy streaming to my iPhone, iPad Air & TV, remote access, automatic sync and more. Worth a BUY! ". Nis O, MA

February 2013 "Simply love the fact that when a student brings me in a hard copy photo, I have it scanned, saved, and can hand it back to them within a minute and they are on their way! I am in the process of scanning the majority of my teaching materials through Keyscan...Keep the good work!". Lesa Scammell

October 2011 "Facinating - This keyboard/scanner is incredible. One of my best purchases. Price could be lower but I am happy to have this item at my office. Easy to use and love the idea of there being so many different programs to save to". RainDancer1111

September 2011 "Great Product - This is the greatest thing since peanut butter. I use it about 25 or more times a day and have not had one regret. Uses less desk space and the auto feature is great for email documents. The tech support is a little lacking on install, just follow the directions! My problem was a windows issue that had to be fixed before the install, after that it snapped. As far as the value I purchased mine two days before the price increased $20 so it cost less than a normal scanner". WallyLandShopper, Canton, OH

May 2011 "Excellent Product - We are currently using this product to integrate scanning technology with our ERP solution. The product was a great value and yet takes no additional space on the desktop". Bpitch, Akron, Ohio

March 2010 - Dr. Larry Emmott is one of the most entertaining speakers in dentistry, considered the leading dental high tech authority in the US. He has over thirty years of experience as a practicing general dentist in Phoenix, AZ. "The Keyscan allows users to scan paper without leaving their chair and it takes up virtually no scarce desk space" EMMOT on Technology

January 2010 "Please extend a special “thank you” to KeyScan team for setting up my scanner at show site so I could use it this weekend for the Move-out of Yankee Dental. It worked like a charm!!!!! I love the product, showed it to exhibitors when they were turning in their orders to me at the service desk and have got a couple more sold for you, I’m scanning the show flyer to them today!!!! Love the product!!! Judy A. Gray Bohren's/United Van Lines #616 Hull, MA 02045

April 2009 "We have run a paperless Insurance Broking office since 2000 and initially struggled to find any suitable desk scanners. We searched everywhere and ended up with a trial of the Keyscan KS810. Since then life has been a breeze. We have a Keyscan on every desk which allows us to immediately scan and save documents. I cannot imagine how we would operate without the convenience of a keyboard scanner. You can set them to make text documents of a minimal size for storage or full quality documents for advanced applications. We have found them to be very reliable and the company to be efficient and courteous in all of our dealings. Keep up the good work!” Neil Chapman, Brookman Porter Insurance Brokers, Perth, Western Australia

April 2009 ..."Having this new keyboard/scanner is awesome! It allows me to save on time. I have the capability to scan and save important documents right here at my desk. I can email or make a copy of a document right away and in color. I like it alot, thank you!" Dannette Garcia, Rio Hondo ISD School - Central Office

March 2009 ..."A combination keyboard scanner packs a lot of punch into one package. It could solve cost and desktop space problems for some law offices" ...more Law Practice by Nerino J. Petro Junior

"We have been using the Keyscan KS810 at our Insurance Agency. The scanner keyboard has helped tremendously. What I like best about it is I don't have to go to the scanning station if I just need one piece scanned; and it cuts down on my scanning time. I don't hold my work until I have time to go and scan, I can scan immediately. I recommended Keyscan to my employer, so I would certainly recommend to everyone.” April Chaney, Commercial Line Manager Dunbar Peterson Insurance Agency, NE

"As more staff became proficient in using the EMR system and needed to get data into it, we saw that some small scanners would be beneficial ...The KS810 scanners were ideal" Las Clinicas del Norte, NM

"We have been distributing the Keyscan keyboard scanner in the UK for more than a year now and have been delighted with the response from the market. Clients are very pleased with the ease of installation and use of the product. We are pleased with the overall reliability of the product and the support we have received from Keyscan. It is a wonderful product supplied by the helpful & amazing people at Keyscan! Micro Minder is the leading supplier of computer systems to Dental Practices in the UK & Ireland. Our clients use the Keyscan scanner to scan incoming/outgoing post and, as the scanning process is very fast, it encourages the users to scan all their documents. In our own offices we use the Keyscan to scan company/confidential & personal documents." Bharat Sheth, Managing Director, Micro Minder Plc, UK

"Mobility Motors is a motor dealership based in Sweden, Scandinavia. As a company with four branches located throughout Sweden we had to find a solution to have our company documents in electronic format located centrally, but allowing staff to easily have access to these documents. After a lot of searching for a solution I came across the "KEYSCAN" solution.

This solution has worked well for us and all of our admin staff in each branch have a KEYSCAN keyboard attached to their computer. Without any effort they are able to scan a document into our central server for storage.

Feedback from the staff is that the keyboard/scanner is an ideal solution having a scanning facility readily available on your desk without taking up any more space as the scanner is incorporated into the keyboard. They quickly can scan a document and email it if required as well. The software that comes with the KEYSCAN keyboard also is great as you are able to set up your default scanning preferences on different "Function keys" enabling us to be able to scan a document into a PDF file format at the touch of one button that does not take up much space.

The facility is also available to have a higher quality scan, however this function is not used by us. The KEYSCAN solution has given all staff members with access to our server the ability to track with ease any document that we have scanned and can with ease view on screen, email or if required print the document again.

The KEYSCAN solution has also saved us a lot of "manual searching" time and reduced our paper filing requirements in expensive retail office space. All our documents are now boxed and stored off premises as we have access to them at a click of a button.   I can highly recommend KEYSCAN as a great solution to enable the business to go electronic filing, without having big clumsy scanning devices on each desk or staff having to move from their current position to go and scan a document at a central scanning facility.

We use KEYSCAN for the following documents: Supplier Invoices (saved by internal reference number), Vehicle Sales file documents (saved by registration number), Warranty claims documents (saved by warranty reference number). I found the KEYSCAN to be so good, that I have even purchased one for me personally at home. WELL DONE KEYSCAN! Keep up the great work!" Eric Roelofsen, Managing Director, Mobility Motors Nissan, Sweden

"As you know we have sold a few dozen KeyScans so far and cannot claim a large reference yet, but we have confidence for the future. Seac Banche is a leading supplier of check and voucher processing equipment, mainly focused on the banking & finance vertical market. Due to the growing request of A4/letter-size scanning capability, we have found the KeyScan as an ideal complement to the Seac product range dedicated to the teller counter. Instead of adding to our check readers and scanner this capability, increasing their size and cost and penalizing their ergonomics, we prefer to offer our clients the KeyScan, which does not take any additional footprint away from their desks, is easy to use and can be integrated in their existing TWAIN application - where available. Congratulations for your new website, it really looks good." Francesco Grasso, Seac Banche

"Now I have installed the keyboard and I'm very enthusiastic about the product. It's one of the few things, that really work by "plug ‘n play" and is quite easy to use. Thank you so much! You should find more German retailers; we urgently need working computer hardware that doesn't exasperate users. For private/small business consumers, I didn't find something similar..." Martin Franke, Independent Consultant, Germany