Software Activation Code / Serial Number

Software Activation Code

The Software Activation code  is a string of 16 digits and numbers (four groups of four letters and numbers each). It is case sensitive. It can be found on the Download page according to your Serial number 

Software Activation Code - SN Greater than 090000000

Software Activation Code - SN Smaller than 080600000

Once you have your code:

If software already installed and you are using Windows 7, 8, 10 or Vista you need to right click on the KeyScan Imaging icon on the desktop and click run as administrator, enter this code, close the program

Reopen KeyScan Imaging, go to File > Calibrate scanner and follow directions.

Calibration Issues

Open KeyScan Imaging > go to file > calibrate scanner - put the white paper in and click OK

For error code 1045 level 13:

  • Please check your software version (Open KeyScan Imaging > go to Help > About KeyScan) 
  • Please check  SN (from the bottom of the keyboard on the Silver sticker)

If unit SN greater than 090000000

And Software version is NOT: 08.00.09-11Nov11 Please do Uninstall, download the latest, reinstall and calibrate.

If software version IS 08.00.09-11Nov11

continue to "Repair"

If unit SN smaller than 080600000

And Software version is NOT: Please do Uninstall, download the latest, reinstall and calibrate.

If software version IS

continue to "Legacy Repair"

Vertical Lines on Scan

Most lines are dirt lines, that are easily cleaned.

Dirt Lines

Cleaning will resolve the issue. Go to "How To"

Defected Sensor

KeyScan Scanner not Connected

"KeyScan Scanner not Connected Please check USB and Power adapter"

  “worked before but does not work now”   “Code 1066”   “check USB cable and power adapter”

For excat error  go to KeyScan Imaging and click on the green button under the word File.

  • Please make sure the USB cable is the original one (silver translucent) and is connected directly to the back of the computer (preferably to the port that is the further away from the internet connection).   
  • Please disconnect both wires from the keyboard. 
  • Connect the USB cord (silver cord) to the back of the Keyboard and check for green blinking light by that connection. 
  • Connect the power (black cord) and look for red light inside the scanning slot (where you would put the paper in to scan).   If there is no red light the device is not getting any electricity, please move the power adapter to another socket (in your power strip or on the wall).   
  • Once you see both lights:   Please calibrate > Open KeyScan Imaging, go to File > Calibrate scanner and follow directions.  

If you still get the same error

You will need to check if the driver is installed successfully.

Make sure the USB port that the scanner is plugged into is USB2.0 or above.

Required application has been moved or removed

Code 247

  This error occurs when a 3rd party application was updated  or removed.

Open KeyScan Imaging > Go to File > Settings > 3rd party Software

a menu will pop up showing you default Printer and fax, please say OK. Close the program. restart the computer and try scanning again.

If the problem is not resolved

Uninstall and Reinstall our software.

Dental Software (EagleSoft) issues

EagleSoft freezes during scan. 

Error Codes

Code 1045 Level 13

This error message appears during the calibration step. Usually it is installation problem or the document that was being used for calibration was not white or was not fed into the scanning slot. rarly it is and indicator for a defective sensor. 

Code 1066 / Code 1080

This error may occur after a power spike, when a user connects the power cord before the USB cord, or when the computer does not successfully install the proper driver for the KeyScan Keyboard. Look at "scanner Not Connected" 

Code 247, Level = 14

This error message occurs when 3rd party  application has been updated, moved or removed.  


Code 1171

This error message occurs when the user tries to calibrate the scanner using KeyScan No Touch rather than KeyScan Imaging It is a Calibration issue.  

Code 263 and Code 909

This string of errors occur when the user does not have permission to the KeyScan directory Please Uninstall and Reinstall  according to directions at " How to?"

Code 364 Level 13

This error occurs when the user uses KeyScan No Touch and does not have a default e-mail client install on their computer. Please either change the NoTouch default to "Save as" or set a Web mail

Code 358 Level 13

This error occurs when a user tries to use KeyScan No Touch before the software's Activation Code was entered or was entered incorrectly.   

Code 1246

This error occurs when the scanner is connected to a USB 1 port or to a port acting like a USB 1. Please switch ports, verify that the USB2.0 is enabled. 

For advanced users only: Make sure the Power saving mode or Legacy Mode in the BIOS are disabled

Code 147 level 14

The document fed was too dark. or was not pulled in correctly. verify that the Gray tray on the back of the keyboard is closed properly (when closing make sure you hear a click from both sides).