KS810-Plus Imaging Keyboard Scanner - Specifications


KS810-P scans variety of paper documents and 2"x3" smooth surface plastic cards up to 1mm thickness such as driver licenses, health insurance and ID cards. KeyScan KS810-P is the basic essential element for document scanning and paperless office  

Minimum requirements

PC compatible with built-in USB2 port Direct connection to the PC USB2 is essential 3GB RAM, 1GB free Hard Disk, DVD/CD drive Power outlet for power adapter AC 100-240V  

Software requirement for KS810-P

Windows 7/8/10 both 32/64 bits versions

Windows XP-SP2 or higher

Windows Vista

Requires preinstall of Microsoft .NET 2.0 SP1 or higher

Integrated scanner

Scanning type:

Sheet-Feed scanner

Scanning mode:

Color: 24/48** bits high quality

Gray: 8/16** bits gray level

Black and white

Scanner Media

Paper documents: 2”x3” to 8.5”x30”

Plastic cards: 3.5"x2.5"

Up to 1mm smooth plastic cards

Driver license and ID cards

Output formats:

pdf, doc, html, jpeg, bmp, tiff, etc.

Automatically protect scan to PDF with password

Document release:

Bi directional automatically triggered by document length

True-Optical resolution: 600 dpi

Optical technology:

High quality and reliable color CIS technology

Output resolution:

From 50 dpi to 4800 dpi

Scanning speed:

High-speed USB2 scanner

Fast functions:

4 dedicated fast scan function keys

PC interface: High-speed USB2

Software interface: Twain interface and USB2 driver

Power adapter:

AC 100~240V

** HW scanning function

* FAX and copier functions require access to  MODEM and printer. May require 3rd party software

Integrated Keyboard

Keyboard type:

High quality Windows keyboard


1,000,000 cycle's life

Fast functions:

6 dedicated fast function keys

PC connection:

Fast USB2

Integrated USB2 HUB

USB type:

USB2 high-speed hub

USB compatibility:


USB upstream:

One USB2 upstream connect to PC

USB down stream:

Two USB2 downstream ports, (compatible with USB1.1) can accept  low-speed, full-speed and high-speed devices

Keyboard Dimensions: L19.1"x7.7W"xH1.2" (max. H2.25")

Weight: 2.95Lb