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"How To?" and "Common Issues"

How To?

  • How to use "KeyScan Imaging"
  • How to use "Keyscan NoTouch"
  • Enable/disable NoTouch-AutoScan.  
  • Enable/Disable the 4 scanning buttons.  
  • Change all color scanning settings into Gray-Scale mode. 
  • Activate / Deactivate Encryption in PDF
  • Scan Legal size page
  • AutoScan default - change from “Default Email”  
  • Cleaning Instruction 
  • Web based email (Gmail / Hotmail / Yahoo / or other) 
  • Using 3rd party software - settings and multipage 

Common Issues

  • Software Activation Code / Serial Number
  • Calibration Issues
  • Vertical lines on scan
  • Scanner not connected / code 1066 / stopped working (was working before)
  • Required application has been moved or removed
  • Dental Software (EagleSoft) issues
  • Various Error codes
  • Correct cables for the KeyScan

KeyScan Knowledge Base

Other questions

  • Difference between `KeyScan Imaging` (Blue icon) and `NoTouch-AutoScan` (Orange icon)
  • Enable the scanning user interface for AutoScan function 'Scan to current application' 
  • Scan multiple pages in KeyScan Imaging 
  • Third party software TWAIN vs WIA. 
  • Using TWAIN scanning interface from 3rd party applications while NoTouch AutoScan is active 
  • Find my Windows operating system: 32 bits or 64 bits